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  • Brachydactyly

    Up to date information about brachydactyly. Worldwide collaboration and exchange of experiences. This is the place to meet people with brachydactyly and get direct answers.

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    What Is Brachydactyly?

    Brachydactyly – is a condition that affects the fingers and toes. These bones are shorter than the other bones in the body. It is hereditary, and it is a dominant trait. Although the fingers and toes are usually shorter, it does not mean that the person cannot live a normal life. The condition might be associated with other congenital diseases, but this is not always the case. There is more than one form of the condition that will affect different fingers or toes on the body. Sometimes, this is one of the symptoms of dwarfism. If there are no signs of the condition in parents, then it is usually safe to say that any children will not have the condition.

    How to Live With Brachydactyly?
    People who have brachydactyly can lead completely normal lives. They need to adjust their writing and other activities to compensate for the shorter bones, but they can still do everything that their friends and family do. Some therapy might be needed to help with holding objects such as a pencil, eating utensils and other small items.

    Who Has This Condition?
    You might not be able to tell who has brachydactyly because it is not one of the conditions that people usually pay attention to. Megan Fox is an actress who has the condition, and she goes about her daily life like nothing is wrong. She continues acting even if people are looking at her shorter thumbs. Ashley Tesoro is a very famous model in the United States who does very well with shorter fingers.

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    4 comments to Brachydactyly

    • Not So Bad

      Many people have never heard of brachydactyly. That is not surprising because it is not very common. Brachydactyly is a condition where a person’s fingers or toes are quite short. There are many variations from of this condition from clubbed feet to slightly shorter then average phalanges. I am lucky that my fingers only seem slightly smaller than normal. It is hard for me to wear gloves or type on the computer. However, I make the best of what I was given in life.

    • Alan

      I can honestly say no one seems to have the foggiest about this disorder, its not this , its not that ,yet not one can tell me what it is. I am a 49 year old male , the abnormality runs in my family from my grandfathers side. All my digits on my hands and feet are affected. Some of my fingers are crooked bending in towards my index finger. our joints are ill fitting and lose , dislocating fingers and elbows are common throughout our family . Hypertension and heart disease also seem to accompany this family trait , with male members not living past their early 50s. Myself , I had a heart attack at 39 and bypass surgery in my 40s. The statement that you can lead a normal life is a little misleading . I think a lot more detail on types , pictures and accompanying disorders would help. The women in my family who have this genetic flaw do not seem to have the heart disease element

    • that one girl

      So I have this in both my thumbs & toes & im very self conscious. A lot if people judge me & it’s not like I can do anything about it. I find it annoying when people talk crap about Megan foxes thumbs & call her ugly because of it. We’re born with these thumbs & there’s nothing we can do about it

    • Dennis Jennings

      I am a bractydactly male of 71 years. I am unsure of the exact type but have a mssing phalange in fingers and toes except for the thumb and big toe which have a forshortenedintermediate phalange. My arms and legs seem bo be in the short end range of “normal” i worked in the arctic an subarctic for 65 years as a land surveyor in conditions down to 60 below. i usually used only contact gloves for the delicate instrument work. in all of that time, i was never frost bitten on either my fingers or toes, a byoproduct of what i percieve as better circulation over a more limited range.

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